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Notational Velocity, Dropbox and PlainText

A few weeks ago, I decided I really wanted to store as much data as I could on my Dropbox account, and as far as plain text notes, I was facing a dilemma. It was either Simplenote, which is external to Dropbox but syncs to Notational Velocity, or PlainText (iOS), which stores its data in your Dropbox folder but doesn’t sync with Notational Velocity (the most amazing note-taking app for Mac, if you haven’t heard).

Well, I actually figured out a way to sync Notational Velocity with PlainText, via Dropbox. Here’s how to do this—assuming you already have NV and Dropbox installed on your Mac.

First, you’re gonna need to change the file format and the location of Notational Velocity’s data. To do this, go to the Preferences and choose “Plain Text Files” under the “Store and read notes on disk as:” popup menu. Once this is done, move all the notes from the Notational Data folder (the default NV data location) into the PlainText folder that is located in your Dropbox.

Voilà! You now have your notes wherever you go—on your Mac via NV, on your iPhone or iPad via PlainText, and from any other computer via Dropbox (since your notes are now stored as .txt files).